Managing Director

Stalo Charalambous

Stalo is a PhD holder from the University of Glasgow on the subject of molecular genetics. A trained scientist who cares to see the real impact of science on patients wellbeing, spent the last seventeen years in the pharmaceutical industry leading the teams of a multinational pharmaceutical company in Cyprus and Malta. Throughout her career, Stalo has served in many roles, from a medical advisor to a sales and marketing manager and then to a divisional unit head. Stalo is a commercially sharp and strategic planner, consistently contributing in exponential countries‘ sales growth in a highly cmpetitive environment. Her experience spans the areas of oncology, hematology, thalassaemia and rare diseases. After 17 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she decided to pursue her career from a different perspective, always linking science to commercial execution and success bringing meaningful impact to those in need.

External Advisor

Kristupas Saikus

External Advisor on Digital Transformation and Innovation Expert in Healthcare Entrepreneur and pharmaceutical industry leader with over 10 years experience in driving digital and innovation projects. Kris excels in merging start up agility with corporate strategy to drive transformation and innovation in healthcare and beyond. His expertise covers areas like Digital Health, Business Model Innovation, Go 2 Market Strategies, Digital Therapeutics, Omnichannel Marketing etc.