We are a team of experienced pharmaceutical executives with a track record of success at leading multinational companies, having taken roles of increasing responsibility within the realms of oncology, neurology and cardiovascular diseases. Our passion for science and ensuring that the new medicines and technologies reach patients in a timely fashion, we have chosen to make a positive difference in customer service and patient care. Our aspiration led us to leverage our vast expertise and networks, offering our valuable insights to assist enterprises aiming to expand into Eastern Europe and Middle East. Our primary focus centers on the dynamic markets of Cyprus and Malta


In today’s complex world being focused on your vision is extremely important. We want Exzellia to be recognized as the most reliable local partner that offers sustainable, added value solutions that satisfy the needs of the local healthcare ecosystem; ensuring that the patients’ needs are met in a timely fashion


Our values are simple and clear; we operate with Inspiration and Excellence, to deliver Meaningful solutions with Integrity.

Healthcare in Scope

Expertise and roles we are a leaders in.

  1. Product sales & marketing

    Successful product pre-, launch and post launch development .

  2. Alliance Selling

    Connecting the dots to ensure maximum results.

  3. Business Development

    We grow when you grow.

  1. Subject Matter Expert

    Mastering Knowledge, Leading Expertise.

  2. Market access

    Negotiation is our bread and butter!

  3. Sales skills

    Learn from the experts.